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My name is Jan Jasinski, and I am a 22 year old Polish Canadian residing near Ottawa, Canada. I am currently a Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot. I hold a degree in Aviation Management as well as Graphic Design. Most of my time is devoted to studying aviation related material as I strive to become a better aviator. Occasional  ramp duties at the airport, fitness and photography commitments are amongst some of the things that keep me ever so busy. 


I began taking up photography at the age of 11, and self-taught myself around my home by having experimented for countless of hours with a Fujifilm F70EXR digital camera. Subsequently, I committed to spending time on photography forums where I would read and gather various information relating to camera equipment, software, etc. My fascination for photography was so immense, that I would beg any stranger with a DSLR in public to let me use it. Observations through those photographers techniques and advice would ultimately impact my abilities in the future. I daydreamed of owning big white lenses such as the 500 f/4L and sought out any opportunity to use one. Through the aforementioned knowledge I had gathered, I was fully aware of the operation of my 1st DSLR before owning one. Since aviation had been my prevailing passion from the age of 7, it was only a matter of time before I combined both passions. Notably, my greatest inspirations in aviation photography were Kavin Kowsari and Jørgen Syversen. I truly admired their work as they were able to capture authentic images with the ability to produce astonishing edits. For several years I tried relentlessly to replicate the perfection behind their color rendition and creativity, but to no avail. Despite a lack of satisfaction in my work, I persevered and by the age of 14 I had sold several images privately. The requests were extremely encouraging and at times quite rewarding. 

My goal as a photographer now is to offer photos of the highest possible quality with post-processing techniques that require hours of editing and experience.  The success of my workflow has come through years of trial and error. I try to create images that captivate viewers the same way I was once mesmerized. Newly aspiring photographers must understand that heaps of practice and patience is required to achieve a confident professional standard. Software experimentation to me was the most effective & valuable method for understanding what works best/doesn't for post-processing. Read more on my workflow

Aviation photography has allowed me to create wonderful friendships with the aviation industry. Being able to share my passion with others is priceless...